About Us

What all you need

Selling rolling papers is common, In a world where people are more aware and evolved each one is free to choose his choice of life and we at IDUKKI GOLD have a special purpose behind the rolls.
IDDUKI GOLD is inspired by the beautiful idea of giving the skilled, but no popular, artists a way to make their livelihood. IDUKKI GOLD rolling papers incorporate the art of upcoming and talented artists on their papers. Every time an IDUKKI GOLD rolling paper is sold the artist featured that year earns an incentive on the sales. Not only that, IDUKKI GOLD hosts an exhibition of their works at the end of ever year to give them the deserved mileage.

Started by young minds that endeavor to make the world a happier place by reinforcing the value of freedom of choice IDUKKI GOLD is here to make a positive impact through an artistically appealing approach. Our collection includes artistically formed rolling papers, wraps, cones and tips; we manufacture everything from 1 1/4 paper to massive 3 Ft Long Pre Rolled Cones, rice papers to hemp papers. Needless to mention, that we are most competent in the market on the scales of prices and quality.
So roll up your sleeves and enjoy the charisma of IDUKKI GOLD as we continue our search for making one more life better by rolling happiness in every venture that we embark upon.

The Unforgettable Story


At each hurdle, each step, each process. We fought our way through, to bring this quality set of papers to your hands.

And we don’t plan on stopping, stay tuned for more quality products.