Raw Classic Rolls - 5 Meter

Raw Classic Rolls - 5 Meter

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Raw Classic Rolls

5 Meter


  • 5 Meter Roll
  • Unbleached paper
  • Made of plant fibers
  • Natural tree sap gum
  • Watermarked
  • Even and slow-burning

Are you a fan of RAW Products? Well, we guess so yes, if you are reading this right now. RAW is one of the rarest  brands in the industry that has this huge range of products that varied from rolling papers to filter tips to rolling trays to crushers, etc. RAW keeps on coming with something new and these RAW Classic Rolls are one of the best alternatives for your rolling paper sheets. These cigarette rolling rolls give you the freedom to choose the size of the joint you want to make. The rolls are made up of unbleached plant fibers with natural gum strip extracted from plants.


Made of Plant Fibers: RAW believes in quality and environmentally friendly thus, each and every product by RAW is manufactured with care. The RAW Classic Roll is made up of unbleached plant fibers with natural gum.

Natural Sugar Gum: The gum strip used in RAW Classic 5 meter roll is naturally extracted from plants that give a better smoking experience.

Dimension: 16ft x 52mm. These smoking paper rolls give you an extra excuse to roll your smoke. Rolls give you full freedom to make super long or small smoke, according to your preference. Now you can easily roll up your cigarette roll.

Unbleached: RAW Rolling Papers and Rolls manufactured by RAW are unbleached, i.e. not treated with chlorine and other harmful chemicals. A lot of brands in the industry bleach their products to make them burn slowly.

Watermarked: RAW smoking paper rolls have a watermark on them to identify the originality of the paper and also make them burn slowly and evenly.

Even and Slow Burning: RAW is one of the best brands that will give you a great smoking experience. These smoking paper rolls have a quality of slow and even burning due to crisscross imprint all over the paper, which avoids runs and maintains the smoothest burn.


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